Think outside the box.

A sentence. An attitude. Dispense with habitual thinking. Dare to try new things. Follow different paths. Courage. Determination. A pioneering spirit. All this has contributed over more than 85 years to making Flatz what we are today.

Flatz is today one of the leading manufacturers of packaging, technical components and thermal insulation. We offer you an array of highly professional, customized solutions: folding boxes, die-cut packaging and displays made of corrugated board, cardboard tubs, EPS packaging, composite packaging comprising EPS, moulded fiber with corrugated board, technical components made from high-performance particle foams and, last but not least, perfect insulation in the construction sector. We operate with supreme expertise and a real capacity for innovation. With state-of-the-art technology and the utmost flexibility in production and logistics. And we always enjoy delivering the best service.

Flatz as a company was founded as a book bindery in 1935 in Lauterach by Eduard Flatz. It then expanded into corrugated board packaging and in the 1970s began producing EPS moulded parts and insulation boards. A new corrugated board plant was constructed in 1986, and in 1999 plant 3 was added as one of Europe’s most modern EPS plants. Finally, 2013 saw the start of work to construct plant 4 – and this also heralded the start of a 16 million euro investment. Using state-of-the-art particle foams and the very latest production technology, Flatz expanded its range to include technical components and revolutionary insulation boards. In order to remain the market leader for system solutions in the packaging sector, in 2019 we expanded our range further to include innovative moulded fiber packaging. Four million euros were invested in two moulded fiber technologies: thermoforming for high-precision moulded parts with an elegant finish, and a conventional facility to deliver the very best value for money.

And because there is always something to do when you are an advocate of innovation, we will continue to keep developing in the future, just as we have done every year since 1935. We will also carry on cultivating our enduring customer relationships.

Management (left to right): Michael Horner (Head of Personnel), Andreas Dür (Head of Technology & Innovation Division), Mag. Stefan Flatz (CEO), Manuel Salzmann, BSc. (Head of Particle Foam & Moulded Fiber Division), Simon Spiegel, MSc. (Head of Finance Division, Sales, Purchasing & Corrugated Board Division)

Hängt von den Anforderungen ab: Isolierend mit Transportschutz, Mehrweg mit einfachem Handling, hoher Transportschutz und doch leicht und natürlich auch die Optik. Geht alles, fragen Sie uns einfach.

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