Sustainable packaging - 100% compostable

Molded pulp packaging & moulded parts made from paper

Molded pulp parts made from paper are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic packaging.

As one of the leading manufacturers of packaging solutions in Europe, Flatz is able to use the die-cut sections from its own cardboard box and corrugated board production as the basis for producing molded fiber. This is how we end up with 87% recycled materials and just 13% primary vegetable fibers as the renewable raw material used to make our paper-based molded pulp. This is sustainability in practice!

Molded fiber packaging and molded parts can be used for food packaging and can be used equally well for product packaging or as edge protectors and impact protectors for furniture, pallets and sensitive electronics.

Our technologies for producing molded fiber parts allow us to develop individual molded parts and packaging that is made to measure to suit your needs. If you wish, we will also add a surface finish to create a smoother feel, pressed-in logos or individual coloring.

Flatz is one of the leading producers of moulded pulp packaging. With our all-round packaging expertise, 15 production facilities, our innovation in molded pulp for food and our dedicated drop test laboratory (ISTA), we are able to implement a solution that is tailored to meet all customer requirements. Choose eco-friendly packaging from Flatz &– we look forward to receiving your request.

Stefan Flatz, owner and CEO of Flatz GmbH

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30 – 60 min

from the input of the die-cut scrap to a pressable pulp


produce molded pulp packaging around the clock: conventional, using thermoforming and for primary contact with food

65 employees

ensure that the molded pulp solutions are produced effectively

The benefits of molded pulp parts

Time saving

Thanks to perfectly coordinated system solutions combining molded pulp parts and corrugated board from a single source, you can save time and effort on logistics.


Compostability and reuse thanks to 100% paper which can be recycled. Environmental protection thanks to the processing of corrugated board die-cut sections from the company's in-house corrugated board processing.

Cost saving

Reduction in handling costs during the packing process as there is no need for complicated folding processes.

Perfect stackability of the molded parts saves logistics costs and emissions during transport.

Design options

Possibility of using primary fibers to be food-safe or of coloring white molded parts, for example.

Possibility of individual coloring of molded pulp parts for very large quantities.

ISTA drop tests

We carry out transit tests in our own ISTA laboratory: Drop test, climate test, vibration test and box compression test.

You will get the molded fiber packaging plus certification from a single source and comply with the Amazon packaging guidelines.

Learn more about the transit tests

Food safety

Our molded fiber packaging, certified to ISO 22000:2018, guarantees the utmost food safety and quality – it is reliable, hygienic and environmentally friendly for your products.

Learn more about our certifications

Your individual sample in just 4 weeks!

Within a week we will provide you with a digital prototype of your packaging as a 3D visualization. 

You’ll then have your conventional sample in your hand after around 4 to 6 weeks.

Molded pulp sales

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What you always wanted to know about molded pulp packaging.

Molded pulp is an eco-friendly material that we produce from corrugated board die-cut sections from our in-house corrugated board processing. Molded pulp is robust, moisture-resistant and light, which makes it ideal for safe and sustainable packaging.

Yes, our molded pulp packaging is made from recycled materials and is 100% biodegradable. It offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging. You’ll find more information under mulded pulp and environmental protection.

Molded fiber packaging is versatile and used in numerous industries, including electronics, cosmetics, food and more. Their robust nature protects products during transportation and storage.

Absolutely! We offer customized packaging solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of your product and your brand. On request, we can also finish the surfaces for a smoother feel, embossed logos or individual coloring. As one of the leading manufacturers of packaging solutions, we can also provide you with combinations of corrugated cardboard and cast fiber parts from a single source.

Although the initial costs of molded pulp may be slightly higher, it offers savings over the long term because of the amount of time and costs saved during handling, as well as the savings on logistics space and costs.

We produce conventional samples within 4 weeks, which by the way equates to a third of the average amount of time this takes within the industry as a whole. The delivery time for the final packaging solution will vary depending on the complexity and size of the order. However, we are generally able to deliver within 3 to 4 weeks of the design being confirmed.

Yes, we offer packaging solutions for companies of all sizes. Contact us for customized offers that will match your budget and your requirements.

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