The structural physics of flapor.

Schlechte Dämmung Gute Dämmung Schlechte Dämmung Gute Dämmung
Good insulation with flapor
Poor insulation

Detached family home
(External surface area approx. 300 m²)

Poor insulation:

U-value 1.3 [W/m².K]
Heating oil consumption/heating period: 3900 liters

Good insulation with 15 cm flapor:

U-value 0.3 [W/m².K]
Heating oil consumption/heating period: 900 liters

The energy balance over 30 years.

After 30 years, the energy used to produce 45 m³ of flapor amounting to 2,088 liters of heating oil contrasts favorably with a huge energy saving of 90,000 liters of heating oil (3,000 L x 30 years).

  • 1 kg of flapor therefore saves 100 liters of heating oil over 30 years!
  • 1 m³ of flapor (PS20) saves 2,000 liters of heating oil over 30 years!

In addition, you should bear in mind that the primary energy content of 1,170 liters can be reused for example through recycling or thermal recovery (burning).

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