Sustainable food packaging - 100% recyclable

We produce eco-friendly packaging solutions for food.

As Europe's leading manufacturer of ecological packaging made from corrugated board and molded fiber, we offer individual food & beverage packaging solutions, such as recyclable shells, boxes, inlays, trays, crates, layer pads, fruit crates, composite packaging, outer packaging and much more. A lot of the food packaging that Flatz produces is actually compostable - and every packaging solution is 100% recyclable.

With our plastic-free food packaging, we make a vital contribution to protecting the environment. And you also get a packaging solution that is fit for the future -  because it also complies with the provisions of the EU PPWR. Interested in eco-friendly packaging for your product? Learn all about our ecological solutions for food.

Our sustainable packaging materials for food.

Made-to-measure corrugated board food packaging

As a cardboard box manufacturer, Flatz specializes in creating individual corrugated board packaging for products, including in the food sector. We will develop your eco-friendly cardboard box for food – printed, laminated, stable, in large and small batches.

Molded pulp packaging for food

We manufacture plastic-free, recyclable and compostable food packaging from molded fiber. Molded fiber components made of paper are the most eco-friendly alternative for food packaging. This applies to secondary packaging and to the Flatz innovation of primary packaging made of molded fiber for direct contact with food.

Composite packaging for food

Flatz is a systems provider for sustainable food packaging. This means you get everything from a single source: We combine eco-friendy molded fiber inlays for protection during transport with bespoke outer packaging made from corrugated board. For a plastic-free complete solution for your food or beverage product.

Tubs for food products

Flatz produces round tubs made of cardboard for the food sector – ideal for cheese packaging. These environmentally friendly tubs are available in standard designs or with all the extra features that you want.

Plastic-free primary food packaging made from molded fiber

Compostable. Barrier-compliant. Made-to-measure.

Flatz has revolutionized the production of molded fiber packaging: With the molded fiber solution for direct contact with food. This means you can pack food in eco-friendly packaging that is food-safe and comply with all barrier requirements. Flatz primary molded fiber packaging: The most ecological food packaging on the market.

Recyclable packaging for confectionery, chocolate, snacks and gifts

Ecological. High-quality. Combinable.

Our eco-friendly packaging that conserves resources for chocolate, sweets, biscuits, candies, liqueurs, snacks or culinary gifts is not just ecological, it looks great too. Our expertise in development and production allows us to create esthetically attractive packaging solutions from molded fiber or a combination of corrugated board and molded fiber.

Sustainable secondary packaging for food and outer packaging for food

Attractive. Recyclable. Ecological.

Whichever product you want to package – we'll design and manufacture the perfect eco-friendly solution that is paper-based and plastic-free. For example, outer packaging for food or animal feed, tube packaging, pasta packaging, cheese packaging – or anything else you have in mind.

Ecological packaging for beverages

Stable. Secure. Resource-conserving.

We produce recyclable carriers for 6 beers, outer packaging for lemonade or simply bottle carriers for any kind of drinks. In our corrugated board production, we guarantee to produce high-quality packaging that looks great and is safe to transport in large and small quantities. We use compostable molded fiber to develop and produce individual, elegant, yet sustainable packaging for spirits, champagne, sparkling and non-sparkling wines.

Sustainable POS, shelf and transport packaging

Eco-friendly. Stable. Made-to-measure.
We produce eco-friendly packaging solutions for safe transport and presenting food products perfectly at the point of sale. Sustainable (recyclable or even compostable) layer pads, trays, shells, corner and edge protectors, fruit crates and boxes make an important contribution to environmental protection.

Recycling at Flatz. Eco-friendly packaged food.

A sustainable company – with eco-friendly packaging.

Paying lip service doesn't benefit the environment, but sustainable company processes and closed recycling loops do. We at Flatz really value consistent recycling. And with food packaging in particular, we are striving for a plastic-free future – with sustainable cardboard packaging that can be 77% recycled through the collection system in Austria.

The molded fiber packaging performs even better. First this packaging can even be composted – and second we produce the molded fiber pulps using the die-cut sections from our own corrugated board production.

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Verified quality, transport safety and environmental friendliness – our certifications

The Flatz certifications

Are you looking for a manufacturer for your plastic-free food packaging? Talk to us!

We are a well-established packaging manufacturer and we can turn your individual food packaging solution into reality. For example, we produce:

  • Trays for food
  • Boxes for food
  • Packaging for food
  • Packaging for fruit and vegetables
  • To-go boxes, to-go packaging
  • Fast-food packaging, catering packaging
  • Meal trays
  • Inlays made from molded fiber and corrugated board
  • Trays made from molded fiber and corrugated board
  • Product dividers
  • Advent calendars with a molded fiber inlay
  • Food-safe calendar inlay
  • Tray inside calendar
  • etc.

Molded pulp sales

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