Under tough conditions:

Insulation of components in contact with the ground, perimeter insulation with flapor

Foam-moulded perimeter insulation boards – the term ‘perimeter’ represents the components of a building in contact with the ground – are subject to earth pressure and a high level of moisture because of where they are used. To ensure that the heat-insulating properties are retained for a long period of time, the automated machine boards have a high level of strength and low moisture uptake.

The automated machine board is based on a special raw material whose individual beads are enveloped in a wax-like coating. This raw material is added to a board mold in pre-foamed form and then welded with steam in a sophisticated production process. The flapor perimeter board which is produced in this way has an extremely homogeneous structure and a high level of compressive strength, is moisture-resistant and therefore ideally suited to use on the ground.

The advantages of perimeter insulation.

  • The thermal insulation can be sized to suit individual specifications: it is possible to produce single layers of insulation up to 300 mm thick without any problem
  • The external insulation prevents thermal bridges, especially in the base section
  • The waterproofing is protected from any mechanical damage
  • Correct sequence of layers in terms of structural physics, no vapor barrier required
  • 100% materially recyclable
Photo showing example of design of perimeter insulation at a construction site
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