The best of all worlds:

Composite packaging from Flatz.

It's not a question of either or, but everything all at once: The ideal packaging solution is often a combination of corrugated board, moulded fiber and particle foams such as EPS or EPP. As the excellent characteristics of these materials complement one another perfectly, these combinations can be used to develop customized solutions which impress in every way. And best of all, your system solution will be provided from a single source because all components are developed and produced directly under one roof at Flatz. Complicated pathways, high development costs and a long wait? Not with us.

We employ our many decades of experience to match your composite packaging perfectly to suit your product, its handling and protection and the presentation of your goods. Without any circuitous routes. Straight to the point. Reliable. What do you have in mind?

It depends on the requirements: Insulating with transport protection, reusable with easy handling, a high level of transport protection and yet light and of course also a good look. This is all possible, just ask us.

Almost any size – the outer cover is adapted to reflect the internal transport protection.

Yes – composite packaging from Flatz is always customized specifically for easy handling.

Our composite packaging can even securely hold lots of accessories and moreover they are easy to see when you unpack them.

Of course, because we avoid using adhesive bonds wherever possible. Our priority is to make it easy to separate out materials.

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Composite packaging sales

Hängt von den Anforderungen ab: Isolierend mit Transportschutz, Mehrweg mit einfachem Handling, hoher Transportschutz und doch leicht und natürlich auch die Optik. Geht alles, fragen Sie uns einfach.

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