Perfectly pitched:

Thermal insulation on a pitched roof, with flapor from Flatz

The winter will reveal whether a roof is well insulated: if the snow melts instead of lying on the roof, you probably don’t have the right thermal insulation.

Full thermal insulation is particularly important in an attic apartment because most of the walls are exposed to the outside temperature: flapor reduces heat losses to just a fraction. What is more, flapor is not just inexpensive, but is also easy to transport because the material is light as a feather – a benefit which really does carry weight with any roof extension.

Inter-rafter insulation.

Modern inter-rafter insulation with flapor does not require any ventilation of the insulating material from above. The benefits of this are easy processing, a dimensionally stable insulation layer and an ideal substructure for the interior fixtures and fittings. flapor thermal insulation boards EPS-W15 or EPS-W20 are used between and beneath the rafters, and laying the boards in two layers with offset joints is the best way to produce a windproof layer of insulating material.

Modern inter-rafter insulation enables the overall heat loss of a building to be reduced to a fraction (U-value 0.14 [W/m²K]). Thermal insulation between the rafters is thus the most space-efficient way to reduce energy consumption and therefore costs.

But the best bit is that with a few basic DIY skills almost anyone can install inter-rafter insulation. You don’t need any dangerous specialist tools, just a large, sharp knife, a handsaw, hammer and galvanized nails. So what’s stopping you?

The basic size of the wedge plates is 1000 x 625mm. All customary rafter spacings can be set by moving the insulating wedges with respect to each other.

Above-rafter insulation.

Thermal insulation on the outside of the rafters can be provided not just in new builds, but also in renovations, for example if the roof is to be replaced. The high compressive strength of the flapor above-rafter insulation elements allows all of the thermal insulation to be mounted on the rafters. In contrast to full-rafter insulation, a homogeneous insulation layer is produced across the whole of the roof. The support structure of the roof truss remains visible and can be utilized for design purposes.

roof battens
counter battens
underlay (airtight)
full boarding
flapor above-rafter insulation element 16cm
flapor above-rafter insulation element 5cm
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