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Logistics at Flatz.​

Logistics always works best when you as the customer don’t see any of what is happening. But behind the scenes our logistics system operates with extensive know-how, sophisticated computer technology, three fully automatic high-bay warehouses for more than 35,000 Euro pallets and 4,000 m3 of EPS blocks, state-of-the-art IT from production through to inventory management, and our reliable fleet of vehicles providing a daily delivery service.

We have actually invested constantly in the areas of logistics and warehousing in recent years in order to reduce the number of unnecessary relocations and significantly minimize trucks traveling through the local area.

  • Storage capacity: 35,000 pallet spaces
  • Type of warehouse: 4 fully automatic high-bay warehouses
  • Own fleet: 23 truck/trailers
  • 1,000,000 km / year – 1,100 pallets / day

Our dispatch and pallet management.

  • Pallet management from cleaning to detailed inspection.
  • Fully automated warehouse admission and dispatch of the items produced.
  • Our modern high-bay warehouses enable different types of pallets to be handled in the same way, including standard Euro and single-use pallets. What about oversized pallets up to 160 cm long, plastic pallets and EPS pallets that we have specially developed and produced ourselves? Not a problem.
  • The pallet-conveying system at Flatz includes two fully automatic pallet wrappers and four labelers. It is possible to choose from eight different types of wrapping and print all data and bar codes on the goods.

Our high-bay management.​

  • The overall warehouse capacity is 35,000 pallet spaces.
  • The whole facility is managed by our employees working 24/7.
  • Our teams have special climbing skills and safety knowledge because it may be necessary to climb up to 35 m high if there is a fault on a high rack.
  • To ensure a smooth workflow, any faults are visualized within seconds, localized and fixed very rapidly.

Our fleet management.

  • 8 semitrailers which are predominantly used for transporting corrugated board, tubs and moulded parts.
  • 14 tandem trailer units with special structures to ensure that the space is perfectly utilized for loading insulation boards from Flatz.
  • A 3.5 t van with a trailer so that deliveries can also be made to construction sites that are difficult to access.
  • Total distance covered per year approx. 1,000,000 km.
  • Constant investment: from 2022 the whole of the Flatz fleet has been converted to comply with the EURO 6D emissions standard. All new vehicles feature a right-turn assist system.
  • In addition, we work together closely with selected transport service providers to deliver to our customers all around the globe.

Our customs clearance.

  • Flatz directly processes around 6,000 customs clearances per year.
  • As a certified AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), Flatz is deemed to be particularly reliable and trustworthy for customs purposes and can claim customs clearance advantages that will benefit you.
  • The customs clearance happens directly at our site and our drivers and carriers receive all the relevant documents here. This saves a huge amount of time.
  • For our customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we take care of the import customs clearance from a single source.

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