Plastic-free and sustainable.

Flatz: Your expert for eco-friendly molded pulp packaging.

Are you looking for a plastic-free, sustainable packaging solution? At Flatz this is exactly what we offer: our molded pulp packaging solutions are 100% recyclable and compostable.

What makes us different from other manufacturers? Our expertise in moulded pulp production and our own recycling loop: We collect the clean die-cut sections that are produced in our corrugated board processing and then reuse them as raw material in our high-quality moulded pulp production. This means that our packaging already has a high recycling score in where it originates from.

Whether you want to present, store or transport your products, our innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions will meet your requirements. You can rely on the fact that Flatz will provide you with packaging solutions that are not just sustainable, but are also tailored to suit your needs. Let’s embark on a plastic-free future together.

With our solution, it is not just the die-cut sections that are needed for the molded pulp that come exclusively from our own corrugated board processing, but even the water needed for manufacturing has been produced previously as condensation in other production processes. So moulded pulp from Flatz enables full reusability in a closed loop. This generates not just great packaging, but also a good feeling.

Good to know: With our packaging made from paper fibers, you comply with the requirements set out in the EU Plastic Packaging Waste and Recycling (PPWR) Directive.

Environmental protection with molded pulp – an opportunity for the future

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What makes molded pulp such eco-friendly packaging?

Resource and energy efficiency

Producing molded pulp requires less energy and water compared to other packaging materials like plastic or aluminum. The water needed for manufacturing has already been produced at Flatz as condensation in other production processes.

Raw material from Flatz’s production

Environmental protection thanks to using die-cut sections of corrugated board from the company's own corrugated board production with an FSC certificate. This mark is attached to paper products that originate from forests which are managed in accordance with special ecological and social criteria.

Savings in transportation

As molded pulp packaging can be stacked perfectly, we save space in our trucks. Fewer journeys mean fewer emissions and a positive contribution to the environment.


Molded pulp packaging is made entirely from paper. This means it is biodegradable and compostable and does not permanently pollute the environment. This means it can be fully returned to the natural cycle.

Low environmental footprint

Production of molded pulp packaging produces less waste and preserves the environment because it produces less pollution compared to other packaging materials.

Do you want a sustainable packaging solution?

We’ll be happy to advise you on developing an eco-friendly packaging solution. We can create a digital prototype as a 3D visualization for you within a week, and you’ll then have your conventional sample in your hand after around 4 to 6 weeks.

Molded pulp sales

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