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The development of composite packaging at Flatz.

Customized for the market.​

Composite packaging is widely used particularly in the area of consumer goods, for example with electrical devices. After all, in this sector there are particularly high requirements in relation to protection, handling and transport.

We often develop component packaging that goes together for shipping products comprising individual parts with accessories. The aim is to ensure easy handling for the sender and the recipient. For often the saving on costs during packing is a crucial cost factor for the packer – and just as important as easy unpacking and disposal at the end consumer.

Logic makes things simple: the logical structure of sets of packaging comprising individual parts dictates the individual operations during packing. In addition, packaging up moulded EPS parts or moulded fiber parts is easy, clean and does not carry any risks of injury. The moulded parts protect sensitive parts – not just from impacts or pressure, but also from environmental effects such as moisture and fluctuating temperatures. Condensation? Not an issue.

When it comes to consumption, EPS containers and transport packaging for all kinds of food are hygienically flawless and comply with food legislation. They can even be easily cleaned and reused multiple times. Neither extreme sunlight nor biting frost can damage the goods during shipment for many hours. The high insulating effect maintains an equal temperature over long periods of time.

Composite packaging from Flatz: perfect.

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