The sum of many good parts.

Multi-part packaging from Flatz.

Stable, variable, innovative: By precisely gluing together multiple parts we are able to create sophisticated packaging solutions. Our folder-gluer machines are equipped with special modules (Polyjoiner and Topmatcher) which allow us to produce, for example, shelf-ready packaging, packaging with an integrated insert, or packaging with reinforced sections glued in.

Packaging glued with multiple parts offers a large number of benefits:

  • High stability by combining different types of material
  • Elaborate structures involving multiple parts are possible
  • Easy handling
  • Sophisticated unboxing experienced for the end customer

The benefits of shelf-ready packaging:

  • Time saving compared to conventional packaging because easy to set up and simple to open
  • The packaging does not need to be cut open, so there is no risk of the product being damaged
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