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Single-use and reusable packaging for coffee machines, from Flatz.

Our professionals developed a solution for the single-use packaging for a coffee machine which considers all aspects of the packaging process. The EPP base is already used as a means of transport on the conveyor belt while the machine is being assembled. The finished package then just has to be pushed onto the cardboard base, which means that the device does not need to be lifted up and only a small amount of space is required. The final operation is simply to place a cardboard sleeve over it, lock it with a plastic disk, and the innovative composite solution is complete.

By contrast, it is vital to have a reusable option for replacing the milk modules. The customer service fitters take a new module with them packaged to the customer and also utilize the EPP packaging to return the defective module for a repair.  

But the EPP packaging also offers reusable benefits in the production of the milk modules. Flatz supplies the EPP parts to the manufacturer in Italy; the hardware in the EPP packaging is sent to Switzerland for the electronics to be fitted. The finished milk modules are fitted in the coffee machines and, last but not least, we take the EPP parts back so that we can prepare them for their next assignment following a detailed quality inspection. Sustainable and durable. And also very safe because the particle foam which is used is EPP that provides protection from electrostatic discharges because the electronic parts of the milk module need to be exposed. An all-round perfect solution – from Flatz.

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