Molded fiber for direct contact with food

Sustainable coffee packaging for CoffeeB – the no-capsule system.

A product that is as consistently eco-friendly as CoffeeB requires a packaging solution that is just as sustainable. We've made one: With the revolutionary CoffeeB packaging for the no-capsule system.

Uncompromisingly sustainable concept

The coffee capsules of CoffeeB do not feature any aluminum or plastic – they have no outer packaging at all. The coffee scoop is placed directly inside the coffee machine, and the used coffee powder can then easily be composted. The same demand was set for the coffee packaging. Challenge accepted: Flatz magically produces a wafer-thin layer on the molded fiber packaging – making it suitable for direct contact with food and satisfying the highest barrier requirements.

This means together with CoffeeB we are reducing the amount of packaging waste: This is vital because around 70% of the aluminum or plastic coffee capsules sold around the world end up as landfill. This represents tons of waste that can now be prevented thanks to CoffeeB and Flatz.

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The benefits of molded fiber parts from Flatz

Primary food packaging made of molded fiber

With the Flatz innovation, a wafer-thin layer is bonded to the fiber mold, pressed on and sealed. This allows direct contact between the fiber and food. A revolution for the packaging industry.

Packaging solution for the PPWR

The primary molded fiber packaging from Flatz allows us to achieve the goals set by the EU: reducing the consumption of resources, reducing packaging waste and promoting recycling. You too can rely on our forward-looking, ecological molded fiber packaging.

Food packaging & environment

The raw material used to make our packaging for direct contact with food is fresh fiber. It is 100% recyclable and shows once again what we're all about: optimum recycling of packaging materials. This closed recycling loop benefits you, your customers and above all the environment.

Meeting your barrier requirements

Tell us your barrier requirement, shelf-life score or use-by date – we'll develop bespoke molded fiber primary food packaging for you.

We can cater for all barrier requirements: oxygen barriers, moisture barriers, gas barriers, light barriers and aroma barriers.

All design options

Molded fiber packaging has a characteristic color and sustainability is automatically part of its DNA in visual terms. But we also produce bleached and white molded fiber solutions as packaging for your food. Dyes of different colors are possible for very large quantities.

Bespoke production

Flatz manufactures molded fiber packaging for direct contact with food

  • With a depth of from 100 to 200 mm
  • With a layer thickness of from 0 µ up to 250 µ
  • In large volumes

Environmental protection with molded fiber – an opportunity for the future

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How Flatz lets you avoid using plastic packaging for food.

Do you want plastic-free, paper-based packaging for direct contact with food? I look forward to hearing from you.

Molded pulp sales

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We produce eco-friendly packaging for the whole food sector.

As one of Europe's leading packaging manufacturers, we offer our food customers a wide range of different paper-based materials that will enable us all to have a sustainable future.

Ecological packaging solutions from Flatz

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