Wellpappe Karton mit Papiergriff
Wellpappe Karton mit Papiergriff

Sustainably innovative and practical:

The system packaging with paper handle.

Flatz’s capacity for innovation is illustrated by the example of this system packaging with a paper handle. For a high-end coffee machine, we developed an all-encompassing system solution with lots of details – from the protective moulded fiber and the packaging to the transport box.

When you look at it from the outside, what strikes you is not just the high-quality UV color finish, but also the fact that with this packaging an eco-friendly, very stable paper handle is used instead of a plastic version. We are currently one of very few manufacturers that is able to apply paper handles to packaging in an automated, cost-effective way. Such a sustainable handle not only enables the percentage of plastic in the packaging to be reduced enormously, but in particular also allows almost 100% of the packaging to be recycled. So this is genuine environmental and climate protection that is becoming ever more established.

The way that the packaging is opened is also clever because all you need to do is open up the side of the Flatz instant bottom box and the machine can then be removed much more conveniently than removing it in the conventional, vertical direction. Inside the packaging, an integrated compartment and moulded fiber parts also protect the machine and its accessories.

All in all, what makes the difference is the high-quality printing, precise stamping and very complex gluing in which multiple corrugated board blanks including the handle are bonded together – system solutions from Flatz exceed the usual standard and offer a persuasive choice in every regard.

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