Sustainability yields versatility:

Moulded pulp technology from Flatz.​

Moulded fiber parts are produced at Flatz under one roof in three different ways: conventionally, conventionally repressed or using the thermoforming process. Utilizing the company's own materials in a way that conserves resources always delivers the same level of sustainability. For example, it is not just the die-cut sections that are needed for the moulded fiber that come exclusively from Flatz’s corrugated board processing, but even the water needed for manufacturing has been produced previously as condensation in other production processes. So moulded fiber from Flatz enables full reusability in a closed loop – and even products of considerable size measuring 1,400 x 800 mm.

Conventional / conventionally repressed moulded fiber​

In the conventional process, the corrugated board materials are prepared and mixed with water in a pulper. Within the suspension, the fibers are completely freely dissolved, skimmed using a forming tool and thus transformed into a new form. The liquid in the moulded fiber product fully evaporates on the belt of a circulating air furnace – the fibers are securely bonded together without any additives. Conventionally fabricated products can then be repressed for a few seconds again in a heated press tool, which produces a higher level of precision of moulded fiber component. Features:

  • Versatile uses
  • Wall thicknesses of between 2 and 6 mm possible
  • Snugly protects heavy, large items such as white goods
  • Can also be produced dyed

Thermoforming moulded fiber

With thermoforming, the still wet moulded fiber product is not dried in a furnace, but is instead dried with dimensional stability in the hot press tool. The result is a fine surface structure on both sides and the highest level of quality in the moulded fiber production process.


  • Maximum manufacturing quality with a pleasant feel
  • Technically precise packaging parts for each product
  • Very thin wall thicknesses of between 0.5 and 2 mm
  • Enables stackable packaging parts and robot-processed packaging
  • Can also be produced dyed

What is moulded fiber capable of? Please feel free to ask us.

Moulded fiber products from Flatz can do much more than just act as packaging. For example, would you have imagined that it can be used to cover roofs? Talk to us and set us a challenge – to produce your very specific moulded fiber solution.

Hängt von den Anforderungen ab: Isolierend mit Transportschutz, Mehrweg mit einfachem Handling, hoher Transportschutz und doch leicht und natürlich auch die Optik. Geht alles, fragen Sie uns einfach.

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