Large-format load carriers made of EPP
Large-format load carriers made of EPP

Impressive scale, no problem for EPP.

Large-format load carriers from Flatz, for panoramic glass roofs.

The many advantages that EPP offers even for large, delicate goods are demonstrated by the load carriers that we have made for transporting panoramic glass roofs.

The first two projects of this kind were implemented with the formats 1850x1400x180 mm and 1650x1400x150 mm. Both load carriers were made in one piece on an Erlenbach machine using 60g/l EPP standard material. The Erlenbach 4960 operates electrically, seals hydraulically and allows high pressures – as well as very large formats up to an impressive 2100x1450x850 mm.

These load carriers do not need to be created from multiple pieces of foam and then be glued together or mirror-welded. This provides a clear cost advantage and even greater precision, compared to containers that are made from multiple parts.

The impressive characteristics of EPP:

  • Fracture strength
  • Low weight
  • Isotropic deformation behavior, regardless of the impact direction
  • Easy to produce moulded parts with almost any geometry
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Largely unchanged energy absorption even after multiple impacts
  • Electrostatic discharge protection provides a greater level of protection from electrostatic discharge with constant surface resistance of less than 107 Ω (on request)
  • Self-extinguishing according to standard UL94 HF-1 (on request)
  • Moulded part density can be adjusted to suit specific requirements
  • Low water absorption (1 day = approx. 1%, 7 days = approx. 2.5%)
  • Functional reliability over a wide temperature range (over 100°C)
  • Good thermal insulation capacity
  • Good chemical resistance to most chemicals
  • Easy cleaning options and sterilizability
  • Great freedom of design in terms of color and surface finish
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Porosity absorbs sound in the frequency range between 400 and 10,000 Hz
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