Molded fiber: 100% recyclable packaging for food – a revolution in the packaging industry

As a leading manufacturer of packaging solutions, Flatz is taking another step in embracing sustainability.

In a world in which there is increasing awareness of environmental issues, Flatz, which is based in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, has placed itself right at the pinnacle of the innovative packaging industry. One example of the company’s innovative strength is the development of sustainable coffee packaging for CoffeeB – a brand that has very much subscribed to the no-capsule system. This partnership symbolizes not only the fusion of environmental awareness and modern technology, but also marks a turning point for sustainable food packaging.

A wafer-thin layer makes the difference.

The innovative molded fiber packaging technology from Flatz is based on a fine but effective layer that enables the packaging to be in direct contact with food. Flatz has developed a solution that satisfies the highest barrier requirements, including oxygen, moisture, gas, light and aroma barriers, and therefore safeguards the freshness and quality of the food inside the packaging.

Countless applications in the food sector.

Besides the revolutionary coffee packaging for CoffeeB, the technology is also suitable for a wide range of different foods: for fruit and vegetables, sausages and meat products, for to-go packaging, confectionery, dry foods, to list just a few applications. Flatz is working continuously to tailor its packaging solutions to suit different food types and requirements. This individual approach allows the company to meet the specific needs of different food producers and customize the packaging perfectly to suit the particular product.

A feast for the eyes, too.

The characteristic color and structure of the molded fiber create a natural and ecological esthetic look that is immediately striking. However, Flatz also offers the option for the food packaging to be bleached or dyed to meet different design requirements. This flexibility in the design makes Flatz’s packaging not just functional, but also visually appealing. Very appetising, just as food packaging should be.

100% recyclable, environmentally friendly and resource-conserving.

A key element of Flatz’s sustainability strategy is to use sustainable raw materials.

As molded fiber is entirely paper-based anyway, it is one of the most sustainable and easily recyclable materials. The established collection and recycling systems mean that paper forms part of one of the most effective recycling systems in Europe. And if any molded fiber packaging from Flatz does end up discarded in the environment, this doesn’t matter – it will break down and turn back into soil. This all helps to reduce mountains of waste and our consumption of resources.

EU PPWR: satisfied!

In addition, with its molded fiber packaging Flatz satisfies the strict requirements set out in the EU Plastic Packaging Waste and Recycling (PPWR) Directive. The PPWR aims to reduce plastics consumption and increase the rates of recycling. This is a major challenge for the food industry – particularly with packaging designed for direct contact with food. Flatz’s packaging innovation provides the solution – the requirements of the PPWR are actually exceeded. The Vorarlberg-based company is therefore a pioneer in delivering an eco-conscious future in the packaging industry.

By adopting this holistic approach to production, Flatz is demonstrating how companies can adopt innovative practices to achieve not just their own sustainability goals, but also actively contribute to the global agenda for protecting the environment.

“We’re seeing a revolution in the packaging industry that can really make something happen. Even if this is just a small part of something much bigger, we’re more than happy to do our bit,” says Stefan Flatz, owner of the Vorarlberg-based company.

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