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Welcome to Flatz in Vorarlberg.

Flatz develops and manufactures customized, sustainable packaging solutions comprising cardboard, corrugated board, molded fiber and particle foams, as well as technical components. Another mainstay of the business is the production and sale of insulation materials with the flapor and flaporplus brands.

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Eco-friendly packaging – molded fiber as an opportunity for the future

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Our vision is to create packaging that does not pollute the environment. That's why we use the die-cut scrap from our sustainable corrugated board production to manufacture our 100% recyclable and compostable molded fiber packaging and molded parts.

Thanks to our innovative coating, our molded fiber packaging is even suitable for food and meets the highest barrier requirements.

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Do you need a unique technical component or a packaging solution tailored to your needs?

Then Flatz is just the place for you.

Benefit from the possibility of combining various innovative packaging materials at just one production site in Vorarlberg, as well as the expertise gained from decades of experience in the development of packaging and components, printing and logistics services.

Hängt von den Anforderungen ab: Isolierend mit Transportschutz, Mehrweg mit einfachem Handling, hoher Transportschutz und doch leicht und natürlich auch die Optik. Geht alles, fragen Sie uns einfach.

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