A tried-and-tested idea, just in a new form:​

Molded fiber parts from Flatz.​

Technologies for the production of fiber molded parts are today expanding the options we have for manufacturing packaging based on renewable raw materials.

Our punch-outs from our own corrugated board processing, consisting of approx. 87% recycled materials and 13% primary vegetable fibers, provide the raw material for this.

And the result? A fully recyclable end product which not only provides innovative, optimum protection for each of your products, but also ensures that resources are handled sustainably.

Take a look here:
Application Examples

The benefits of molded fiber parts​

  • Time saving thanks to perfectly coordinated system solutions combining molded fiber parts and corrugated board from a single source.
  • Sustainability thanks to 100% paper which can be fully recycled.
  • Perfect stackability of the molded parts to save logistics costs and emissions during transport.
  • Reduction in handling costs during the packing process in comparison to pure corrugated board inserts as there is no need for complicated folding processes.
  • Environmental protection and constant quality of raw materials thanks to the processing of corrugated board punch-outs from the company's in-house corrugated board processing.
  • Possibility of using primary fibers for food safety or for coloring white molded parts, for example.
  • Possibility of individual coloring of molded fiber parts.
  • Very good cushioning properties from the material in combination with innovative design methods which make ISTA drop tests possible, for example.

When it comes to manufacturing molded fibers, our development departments will establish your individual concerns and requirements, prepare 3D visualizations and produce a prototype in a very short space of time. We produce conventional samples within 4 weeks, which by the way equates to a third of the average amount of time this takes within the industry as a whole.

Your contact person​

Molded fiber sales

Hängt von den Anforderungen ab: Isolierend mit Transportschutz, Mehrweg mit einfachem Handling, hoher Transportschutz und doch leicht und natürlich auch die Optik. Geht alles, fragen Sie uns einfach.

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